Ladies of Baker Street by Meredith Rose is now on Patreon

I’m very happy to announce that my newest book, A Study In Garnet, is now serializing on Patreon! This is the first book in my new series, Ladies of Baker Street–a f/f, queer adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories. My female Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (aka Sherlyn Holmes and Si├ón Watson) are queer Victorian women, and the series remains largely canon compliant. I am so excited to introduce you to their adventures (and slow-burn romance) in this meticulously-researched series.

Why Patreon? Mostly because I want to cut out the “middleman” between myself and my readers. I think we all need to lessen our reliance on large technology companies (coughcough-a river in South America–coughcough), and Patreon allows us to do that.

Patreon also gives us the opportunity to build a community of readers. I believe in being generous to my supporters, so even my first-tier patrons, 221Besties, get the following great perks ($5/mo):

  • one chapter per week
  • birthday shout-outs on my readers-only Discord server
  • chapters dedicated to them
  • early cover and book blurb reveals
  • a free ebook when it’s done serializing.

My tier 2 patrons, Always 1895, get all the above, plus the following ($15/mo):

  • 50% off the ebooks in my webstore
  • monthly chat/Q&A with me on Discord
  • Inclusion in my book acknowledgements

And finally, my tier 3 patrons, Conductor of Light, get all that plus these great perks after 3 months at this tier ($25/mo):

  • free, signed print book of my new releases (after they finish serializing)
  • all my ebooks for free
  • ability to name a walk-on or supporting character, subject to my approval

I’m really looking forward to creating a community of readers who enjoy queer fantasy or historical stories with women or nonbinary lead characters and strong romantic elements.

To introduce you to my new series, I’m offering the first 10 chapters of A Study In Garnet for free. I’m currently serializing them, one chapter per week, and you can read them right here on my website. If you decide that you would like to continue reading the book and become a patron, Patreon makes it super easy to do that.

I will also continue to post some of the interesting research I’ve done for the story. These posts will always be free for you to read on my blog. So please take a look and consider supporting this new series!