Welcome to the Wildwood

Most roses have their thorns, just as stories have their highs and lows. My garden of peculiar tales is far from perfect, but grown in love.

As you ramble through it, my wish is that you will find

      • a bit more hope
      • a little more joy
      • and the magic that comes of feeling seen and valued.

I’m Meredith Rose, and this is my Wildwood. I’m glad you’re here.



MEREDITH ROSE writes fantasy and historical fiction for diverse readers who want to feel seen, understood, and valued. She is known for portraying deep friendships and characters who become real to her readers.

After four novels published by major New York imprints, she now publishes under her own independent press, Coedwig Books.

She is living her best cottagecore-by-the-freeway life in Austin, Texas, where she enjoys tabletop roleplay games, beautiful friendships, mixed media art, and all things Welsh, as well as tending to her houseplants and watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders near her windows.

She is terrible at keeping up with social media, but you’re welcome to find her at any of the platforms in the footer.


Why I Write

The written word has always fascinated me. I was trying to write before I learned to read, and I haven’t stopped since.

I crave story. And when I could not find the story I wanted or needed, I created it for myself first, long before I believed it would hold any interest to anyone else.

I wanted to write books since I was seven, but for years, I didn’t believe that it was a career I could actually have. Even now, it’s not a career that is easy to keep.

Writing helps me understand the world and myself and those around me. It gives me a place to explore thoughts and emotions and the complex questions that form the human existence.

Writing is how I experience magic. And that desire to know, to understand, and to experience deep things beyond myself is why I write.


My Promise To You

If you’re like me, it can feel a little risky to try a new author. You have to be able to trust that the story won’t have any unpleasant surprises or disappointments. I can’t guarantee that my books will be your cup of tea, but I can give you an idea of what you can expect.

Like most artists, my work is always evolving as I mature in my art and as a person. I'm striving to become consistently better at conveying my values and ideals through my stories. I don’t believe that any piece of art is perfect—I can always seek to improve.

One of the powerful things about stories—whether writing or reading/listening to them—is that they challenge you to see the world in a new way, from a different perspective. Writing has made me think deeply about things I probably would not have otherwise. I hope that continues until the last time my hands touch a keyboard.

What follows is my list of ideals and values that I strive toward in every story. They are things that you can rely on when you pick up one of my books.

The stories of women have always fascinated and motivated me, and this of course includes trans women. My stories always exceed the Bechdel test, and some of the storylines I cherish most are about the friendships and community women form together as well as the varied sorts of love that they share.

Some Other Things About Me

Flag of Wales in color

Shw Mae!

I am Welsh-American and I love the country of Wales! It has a rich history of music, literature, and friendliness.

I also am studying Welsh: Dysgwr Cymraeg dw I! (I am a Welsh Learner!)

Welsh Learner Badge in color
Asexual Pride Flag in color

Asexual Spectrum

Asexual: (above flag) Never or rarely experiences sexual attraction, sometimes viewed as a spectrum

Demisexual: (below flag) Experiences sexual attraction only after establishing an emotional connection

I identify as both, in addition to bi/pan and pan-romantic. Our understanding of sexual and romantic orientations is constantly evolving, and these may be new terms to some people. I think it's wonderful that we are creating new language to describe an important part of the human experience.

Demisexual Pride Flag in color
Black Lives Matter --color version

Black Lives Matter

It simply should not be a controversial truth. I stand with the BLM movement and seek to be a better ally. To my Black friends, readers, and those I may never meet--you have my love, compassion, and support. You matter to me.
Pansexual Pride Flag in color

Pansexual, Bisexual

Pansexual: (above flag) Attracted to many genders

Bisexual: (below flag) Attracted to more than one gender

Personally, I identify as either one. Often I use "bisexual" simply because it's a well-established term that more people are familiar with, but some people feel "pansexual" is more precise or inclusive.

Bisexual Pride Flag in color


I'm not one to feel very photogenic or comfortable in front of the camera. So when I approached Hooton Images about doing a fantasy-themed fashion photoshoot, it was a bit scary for me. But Heather and James were lovely to work with. Doing the photoshoot helped me see myself in a different way and gave me confidence and a greater acceptance and appreciation for my appearance.

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