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My Books

Ever wished Victorian Holmes and Watson were queer--and women?

✦ The Ladies of Baker Street series is for you! ✦

Historically plausible and largely canon-compliant, the Ladies of Baker Street series is an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes unlike any you've seen before.

Think all Victorian women were sheltered and repressed? Think again! Based on the very real lives of the late-Victorian "New Women," this Holmes and Watson are well-educated, independent, and determined to forge their own paths in a patriarchal world.

Experience the adventure, mystery, deductions, emotions, and romance of Sherlyn Holmes and Dr. Siân Watson--the Ladies of Baker Street.

Book 1, A Study In Garnet, is now available in hardcover and e-book. See details and read an excerpt below! 

Welcome To a World of Steam, Drama, Magic, and Revolution

✦ Catch your airship to the ALCHEMY EMPIRE ✦

Minx Mellor is a theater student whose past trauma has left her with an overwhelming fear of the stage.

As she struggles to heal and to embrace the unusual magic inside her, she finds herself on a collision course with the most powerful woman in the empire.

As revolution is brewing, Minx and her friends must risk their careers and even their lives as they use their art to fight for justice against an empire determined to crush them.

Alchemy Empire is a Young Adult steampunk fantasy series that celebrates the wonder and magic of the theater as well as how the performing arts have long been used to advocate for social justice and political reform.

Books 1-3 (out of 5) are currently available in e-book format. Read an excerpt and purchase for instant download below:

My Art

Mixed Media Collage and Other Paper Art

✦ Vintage, Upcycled, One-of-a-kind ✦
I love paper, I love old things. I think playing with paint and glue is a great way to spend an afternoon. Though much of my art is related to my books, the art itself tells stories too, especially when the very materials themselves have stories embedded in their fibers.

Many of my collages are designed using digital or scanned images in Photoshop first. Then each individual piece is printed on archival paper, cut, and assembled. During the collage process, I add paint and other embellishments for a look that is layered, vibrant, and highly-detailed.

These original art pieces and prints are available exclusively here in my shop.

Mixed Media Collage art of black handprint embedded in vintage flowers with text "We all leave traces wherever we go"

We All Leave Traces: Mixed Media Collage

Can you find the hidden handprint in this richly-detailed, mixed media collage?
Mixed Media Collage art of Victorian woman with flowers and book, with text "Fortunately for you, I Am Not An Amateur"

Not An Amateur: Mixed Media Collage

With cool confidence and a hint of sass, this vibrant mixed media collage is a reminder that people should never underestimate you.
Mixed media collage art with miniature images of objects relating to Holmes and Watson.

Seen By Her: Mixed Media Collage

Seen By Her brings together miniature versions of 17 vintage objects relating to Holmes' and Watson's relationship.
Mixed Media collage featuring illustrations of vintage silverware and florals with text "I shall observe after I have eaten my breakfast."

After Breakfast: Mixed Media Collage

After Breakfast is a cheeky reminder that almost anything can wait until you've enjoyed a good meal.
Mixed media collage in brown, red, green, and gold, featuring the Remington Standard Typewriter No. 2, ads, and faux typewriter keys spelling "writer"

Remington Standard Typewriter: Mixed Media Collage

A lushly-detailed shout-out to the Remington Standard Typewriter No. 2, one of the first commercially available typewriters in the world.
Mixed media collage of yellow daffodils on purple background with vintage house illustration, postcards, and swallows. Text reads "Hiraeth, the way you feel for a home you never had"

Hiraeth: Mixed Media Collage

Hiraeth is a mixed media collage that explores a beautiful Welsh concept of home and longing that doesn't have an exact translation in English.
Mixed media collage in reds, oranges, and yellows, against a teal blue background, featuring 3 pears and the text "It's a Three Pear Problem"

Three Pear Problem: Mixed Media Collage

When life gives you tricky dilemmas, just reach for your trusty box of gourmet glaceé pears and point at this mixed media collage as your only explanation for your strange behavior.
Mixed media collage of a vintage lamp entwined with roses and its glow in shades of oranges and yellows against a deep purple and bronze background, with text reading "You're luminous, you are, but I burn just as brightly."

Luminous: Mixed Media Collage

Luminous is a beautiful reminder that someone else's brilliance doesn't take away anything from our own.
Mixed media collage of a violin inside a circular border of red and peach roses embedded with vintage prime numbers, on a background of green, gold, and bronze.

Her Violin: Mixed Media Collage

Her Violin is a loving tribute to the deep connection musicians have to their instrument and all the ways they use music to express their emotions.
Mixed media collage of green carnations and a butterfly decorated with hand-drawn rainbows against a dark green and teal background with text "Modesty has never been one of my crimes."

Green Carnations: Mixed Media Collage

Green Carnations is a fond send-up of a fictionalized guest character in A Study In Garnet--Mr. Oscar Wilde.