I’m looking forward to launching my new Patreon in the next couple of months. I will be serializing my new book, A Study In Garnet, the first book in the Ladies of Baker Street series!

As a Patron, these are some of the stuff you’ll get:

  • 1 new chapter per week
  • Access to exclusive channel on my coming-soon Discord server for my readers
  • Early cover and book blurb reveals (even before my newsletter subscribers!)
  • Monthly Q&A with me
  • Birthday shout-outs on Discord
  • Ability to have a chapter dedicated to you (weekly drawings)
  • 2-3 “Hello” pics from me
  • Ability to suggest and vote on new story ideas

My goal is to build a community of my readers and make it a supportive and inclusive and fun place to hang out. Can’t wait to get started!