Her Violin: Mixed Media Collage

She careened through the solo, each note crystalline in pitch, like a perfectly-etched snowflake—except every few notes, one came out noticeably flat. I would have thought it was mere carelessness, except that Holmes was never careless with her pitch. Even when upset, even at her most obnoxious, her playing was always deliberate and precise. She was flattening those specific notes on purpose, but it was not until I asked that she revealed the pattern to me.

“Prime numbers, obviously.”

–A Study In Garnet: Ladies of Baker Street Book 1

Her Violin is a loving tribute to the deep connection musicians have to their instrument and all the ways they use music to express their emotions. This mixed media collage has a second, hidden meaning relating to A Study In Garnet, hinted at by the clue word “Prime”: every vintage-style number and even the dates in this piece are prime numbers, and there are 11–also prime–nestled in the vintage rose border around the violin. The background is ornately layered in greens, golds, and bronzes, all with a metallic shimmer, and dots of gold connect the red and peach roses in the border. Edged in bronze metallic wax.

Original: 6×6 inches (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm) canvas-wrapped board, mixed media collage (acrylic, paper, metallic wax) sealed in clear acrylic gloss. Includes optional adhesive hook for hanging, or can be framed. (Only 1 available.)

Print: 7×7 inches (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm) suitable for matting or framing (you’ll have to trim the border for a 6×6 frame), please allow up to 3 working days to create print before shipping.