Seen By Her: Mixed Media Collage

I wanted to be seen by her. Observed by her. I hungered for her deductions about me with a sharpness that was as frightening as it was thrilling.

–A Study In Garnet: Ladies of Baker Street Book 1

The meticulous detail in this mixed media collage piece will have you doing your best Sherlyn Holmes impression for hours. Seen By Her brings together miniature versions of 17 vintage objects (one for each stair in 221B Baker Street!) relating to Holmes’ and Watson’s relationship, including chemistry and mathematical pages, sheet music, Victorian-era medical instruments, and, of course, a microscope and tea set. The magnifying glass is inset with plastic sheeting, and the image behind it has been altered to give the illusion of a lens.

Original: 6×6 inches (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm) canvas-wrapped board, mixed media collage (acrylic, paper, plastic sheeting, Posca pen) sealed in clear acrylic gloss. Includes optional adhesive hook for hanging, or can be framed. (Only 1 available.)

Print: 7×7 inches (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm) suitable for matting or framing (you’ll have to trim the border for a 6×6 frame), please allow up to 3 working days to create print before shipping.