brown envelope with happy birthday text

Hey y’all! It’s taken me way too long, but finally it’s here! I’ve done a total site redesign in keeping with my new goals and direction for my writing. There are probably a few bugs to work out, so please be patient with me as I take care of those.

But here are some of the things you can and will be able to do on the site now:

  • Buy my books! I have a shop page now, and I’ve priced my books at a 20% discount over what I’m listing them on Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, B&N, etc. Ebooks will be delivered via BookFunnel, which offers excellent customer service for helping you get your ebook onto your reading device.
  • Get a free story set in the world of my NEW series, Ladies of Baker Street! This is for my newsletter subscribers, and it’s easy to sign up. Again, delivery is through BookFunnel. (seriously, they’re the best!)
  • Read my newest book, A Study In Garnet, book one of Ladies of Baker Street. I am serializing it through Patreon, but patrons will come right here to this blog to read each chapter as it is released. Find out more about my Patreon system here.
  • Find out lots of stuff about me and my promises to my readers about what they can expect from my work.

I’m really excited to have this site become the heart of my interactions with my readers. Whether it’s getting a copy of my books, becoming a patron or newsletter subscriber, or connecting with my reader community, this is where it starts.

Welcome to the Wildwood!