Chains of Silver (EBOOK)


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If all the world’s a stage…then I am seriously screwn.

Even though she spends her time backstage creating fantastic steam-powered devices, Minx Mellor is great at acting—acting like everything is fine, that is. But when she learns the theater’s lead actress is the next target of a notorious killer, Minx can’t keep up the act anymore. She has no choice but to step into the spotlight to protect the woman she loves like a mother.

With only four weeks to outwit the killer and a Theatrical Guild who considers them expendable, Minx teams up with her sworn enemy, Delphine Birdwell, and the steam-hot director, Dietrich Wolff, who stirs both her desires and her deepest fears.

When disaster strikes, Minx must trust Dietrich with the truth about the magic she swore to keep buried forever.  It’s her only chance to survive the biggest role of her life—as bait to trap a murderer.

From the shadows of cobblestoned alleys and the glittering world of an aristocracy gone mad for theater comes the first book in a young adult dark fantasy academy romance series about the power of creativity and the resiliency of the human spirit.