Claws of Brass (EBOOK)


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Book Description:

Those who do not conquer the past are destined to become it…

Minx Mellor is absolutely done—done hiding who she is, done avoiding her past, and done pretending she isn’t furious about it. But when Dietrich returns to the theater, ill and controlled by an unseen enemy, Minx discovers a horrifying truth: her past is anything but done with her. Only now, it seeks to destroy them both.

Facing a whirlwind of challenges in her final year at the theater academy, Minx races against time to save Dietrich’s life, as he saved hers. But this time, to stop the magical disease killing him, she’s on her own, without friends, gadgets, or dramatic performances to help her. The only cure is to hunt down a monster—

—if she can keep Dietrich alive long enough to succeed.