Mask of Gold (EBOOK)


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The power of an empire is hers—for the price of all she loves most…

Now that she’s freshly-inducted into the Theatrical Guild, Minx Mellor’s future is looking totally brass. With her own job and flat at the theater, she barely has time to enjoy her first real date with Dietrich before they and their friends are whisked away to the imperial summer palace in Hellenia.

Elevated by the empress to a position far beyond any actress’s dreams, Minx suddenly has the power and influence to help people she otherwise never could. But life as the empress’s protégé is a ruthless show without closing night or even intermission. And if she wants to hang on to her newfound prestige, the only audience who matters is the empress herself.

As revolution brews in Hellenia, the spotlight on Minx burns hotter. Her role threatens to consume her, but with hundreds of lives depending on this performance, the one power she may not have is the power to walk away…